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Table 1 Target genes of the Notch signaling pathways

From: The emerging roles of Notch signaling in leukemia and stem cells

Gene Role Tissues Comments
cyclin D1, cyclin A , p21, p27, Cell cycle regulators Hepatocellular cancer, renal cancer [9, 10]
c-myc, NF-κB2 , Akt, mTOR, Cell proliferation and survival Keratinocytes, liver, T-ALL, [1116]
Hes1, Hes6 Embryonic development Embryonic neural progenitor cell, human pluripotent stem cells [17, 18]
VEGF, VEGFR-2 Angiopoiesis Osteosarcoma, endothelial and neural cells. [19, 20]
MMP-9, MMP-2 Invasion and metastasis Osteosarcoma, pancreatic cancer [19, 21]